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Healing and the Left Hand Path

The medical community recognizes the placebo affect and tries not to spend too much time and effort researching it. Doctors know that healing begins in the mind, but do not look too deeply into it. If we knew more about this facet of the “mind over matter” concept, then we wouldn’t need doctors. The implications are staggering that wellness and illness should begin in the mind; I am reminded of the Lurianic paradigm where the body exists as chi passing through the spiritual mind. As individuals without a dogma but on self determined paths, we may use any paradigm we see fit to employ. Bottom line: Science knows very little about the powers of the mind. The great thing is that many forerunners and individuals in the LHP are exploring those powers.

Here’s an interesting fact: One of the nicknames of Carl Jung amongst the intellectual community was the Hex Meister of Switzerland, and he did live up to that title in many ways, one of which was writing the book The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which were delivered by Abraxas. Though, of course, the Abraxas of his book is symbolic of the daemon who is the guide between the id and the ego. But let me not get ahead of myself—let me now explain how he pertains to what we’re talking about. Carl Jung literally describes the essential nature of healing the mind through contact with the shadow. The dark side is not just a part of us, but a part of the ground from which we have come forth and are nourished by; in psychology and the healing of the mind, it is literal excavation and integration of the dark archetypes through psychoanalysis and the individuation process—though each individual psychologist understands and employs various Jungian techniques differently. Now, as Luciferians, we do not have to rely on an analyst; we work directly through our devices with the dark archetypes.

I bring all of this up because, for a lot of new students on the path, the idea of healing and the powers of darkness may seem incongruent. No matter how disciplined you, are if the techniques you employ are one-sided, the results will be skewed in direct proportion to the missing elements. Now, we cannot know everything and cover every contingency but we can do our best. Let me clarify that I am referring to the basis of healing techniques. I remember one class I was in and we were asked which watcher would be best employed for healing relevant to the system I was studying. Most answers were the eastern watcher because of the caduceus correspondences in that system. What surprised everyone was, of course the northern watcher, because of the earth correspondences. Why would the Lords of the Flesh be any less effective in healing? Really, they would be expert at it.

This is where things get personal for me. Once upon a time, I lost my mother and a dear friend to the incompetence of doctors. I had never had good experiences with them and never trusted them past what was necessary, but the deaths strengthened my negative feelings towards doctors into a vague but influential rule that, if necessary, I would never give them that kind of power over me, that I would never just give up and lie down while my fate lay in their hands. As luck would have it, my little rule was tested sooner than I would’ve hoped. I began exhibiting strange symptoms, all of which were, of course, misinterpreted by the doctors I did visit. Eventually, I found the right diagnosis, even if it was from the wrong doctor, a man with little experience in cases such as mine.  Nonetheless, I was diagnosed with Lupus. As you might expect, I was upset, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my fight. I did attempt to track down a specialist on the disease, but you’d be surprised what passes for specialty these days; or maybe you wouldn’t. Also, none of the treatments were functional (and in fact, I was allergic to one). I did, however, do research on my own about the disease, determined to become something of a specialist myself. But something caught my attention in my research; I found that one of the foremost ways to combat the disease, or at least to keep it at bay, would be to reduce one’s stress level. Not only did this cause me to recall my earlier pursuit of psychology, but also the years of yoga training I had under my belt. Continuing my research in the most direct field didn’t help much of anything, but on a whim I explored the tangent fields of psychology and the metaphysical. The two combined is what eventually led me to treating myself (successfully, might I add) with magick.

Now, I do have over twenty years experience with yoga, but it took finding the keys of the LHP to find the keys to my healing. In all my studies, there was so much missing material. Most of it is alluded to, so I saw the clues and followed the trail. I studied and practiced diligently many systems and am quite disciplined; but the key to each individual’s healing is different because in each individual the root cause is different. My personality and attitude from birth has always been very Luciferian and to some degree downright Satanic; I have always fought for and defended my freedom of thought and did the same for others. I always embraced conflict as an opportunity for growth. In my battles somewhere down the line I was wounded by my self because I am an idealist and I embraced the ideal paradigm of selflessness and making the world a better place at whatever the cost, which is noble, but I was not balanced and what I did not know is that I had removed my self from the equation; I had rejected myself over the needs of others.  Not very Luciferian or Satanic, but the poison that led to that thought process got in through my family and through love.

I can assure when I realized this I went right to work to counter it and remove the poison from my own thought patterns. It is a long process, but the proof is in the pudding. For me, making it all about me again literally is what it took to unlock my own energetic and healing resources that led to my full recovery. Now, it was a struggle and one that almost finished me. I jumped into the abyss with both feet and that is why I love reading and writing about the left hand path so much; because it has provided balanced material for me to work with to affect needed changes in my life that had not come any other way.

My point is that healing begins with the mind and that the root of illness also begins with the mind. I had to mend my broken spirit before I could heal my body. Illness is real and devastating, and I am not saying it is not real; the mind is also real, and so is mind over matter, but it takes ruthless self-analysis and work to correct problem areas. This takes energy, which is the hardest part. I know that for me, I had to use yoga techniques just to energize my own self-analysis and healing process. It is all about your self.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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