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Forbidden Love

One would think, that of all things, that the right hand paths, would not forbid, is love. Things are not always what they seem. Apparently the “good guys” forbid loving yourself. Oh they will admit that you cannot love anyone else, until you love yourself; but you better not dare act like you love yourself, or you are selfish. It is okay to love god, your fellow humanity and to serve them, but it is a sin to love yourself. Which is why, they all walk around trying to fill the gaping hole within.

First of all, love is a current of energy. Love itself is an archetypal force, a potent healthy current of energy that few people ever experience. From birth we are trained to put other peoples’ needs first. If we stop to take of our own needs, then we are selfish. Thus we create co-dependent bonds, early on, with people who can meet our needs and people who need us to meet theirs. Yet we are sent mixed signals that co-dependence is bad, but as soon as we move towards independence, your “friends” step up to keep you in check. They let you know that you are being selfish. Who do you think that you are? Now if you neglected your child or your mate, you would be a bad person. Go ahead and neglect yourself and everyone will get off your back and you can be a good little martyr. But martyr for what, social programming, now wait a minute.  The wheels of society are not going to derail if you take a spa day, or time off to take care of yourself. The fact is, that if you take extended time for self discovery, they call it a hiatus and only accredited academic types are permitted to do so, without reproach. Any individual who acts independently and makes choices that reflect self love, are framed as villains, by society.  Neglecting yourself is considered saintly and a virtue.

Enlightened self interest is a product of self love. Enlightened self interest fosters cooperation between independent individuals for social benefit. Civilization is a collection of agreements that when it works is beneficial and when it does not work is oppression and tyranny. It takes strong individuals to form a strong society. Civilization is only as strong as it’s weakest link. So self love, benefits everyone. Lack of self love creates unnecessary need and need for theft. Be selfish but remember that you must also be responsible. You can only hold power that you are willing to be responsible for.

It is forbidden to put your-self first but considered a revelation as in the secret, when you suddenly wake up and realize that you are missing from your life. Why the need for this merry go round of love yourself but put others first. No is the most important word that you need to learn how to use. The disease of self denial is so rampant that people feel entitled to your time and energy. You must use your valuable time and energy to help them.

Let me give you an example. I know a person who had their journals stolen. I told her my flash drive with my journals was also stolen. Ideally I need to work from memory to recover my writing and so does she for her writing. But she cannot do that. She has to find someone to help her do it. She has chosen me, and expects me to, even though I told her, “no.”  Yet because she sees’ how energetic and powerful that I am, she feels entitled to my time and energy. She is normal and by societal standards, her need to get help is acceptable. My right to say no, by societal standards, is indefensible, because I am always energetic and she is always tired. The reason she is always tired is because she refuses to take care of herself, because that would be selfish.

Break the chain of lies holding you away from your-Self. Unchain your brilliant and incredible potential, dare to love yourself. Once you open the floodgates of love, by daring to approach the forbidden love: you unlock the potential to heal yourself and the world. Love is not simply an emotion, it is an archetypal current so powerful that even small doses has a miraculous affect.  Absence of love is a bottomless pit that can never be filled by all the mass in the universe. You cannot know love until you can love yourself.

According to Carl Jung, “the beloved” is a reflection of your idealized self. The problem is that the beloved is only human and can never live up to the image of the idealized self held in the subconscious. Which is why you actually, have to love your-self, before you can actually love another person.

Who do YOU think, you are? That is for you to discover and define, but you can never learn who you really are, until you dare the forbidden love.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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