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Food for Thought

My thirst to learn more about Ahriman and other Ahrimanic magickal techniques led me to meet Brian Sharp and the others in his group. I have done all of this backwards. I had many conversations with Brian and attended two rites before I interviewed him, and I interviewed him before I read the book. So I literally was a witness to what I can only describe as miracles at the second rite before I got to read Brian’s book. It is hard to be objective after that. But as Hunter S. Thomson said about objectivity, it is the reduction of reality to its lowest common denominator.

I am first and foremost on a quest of discovery; my favorite food is food for thought.  People chastise me because I make my own choices and live with the consequences. If you know anything about me, you know I don’t do what I am told, and people often misunderstand me. But this is not about me, it is about the LHP, which really is about me and you and each of us. Not as a nameless, faceless, indiscernible mass, but as an association of individuals thinking and working outside of society’s little box, with goals which seem so bizarre to the people who have bought into the Consensus Reality white-washed and tainted with the RHP philosophy. I am not the only one here breaking taboos that push the envelope of what we are told is safe and sane.

I am reminded of a geometry model from a book I read. It was Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension. (…/048623) Yes, I am nerding out here, but bear with me; this is a paradigm that relates to those of us on the Left Hand Path. I will keep it simple; it described a two-dimensional entity who’s behavior seemed strange to the other flatlanders when he realized a kind of knowledge that the ordinary flatlanders did not know about and could not perceive. He had become aware of three-dimensional space and all that it implies. I am sure there is a YouTube video all about it. What my point is, is that what we are doing seems strange because we indeed possess a special knowledge that most people will never see, so we will always seem strange to ordinary people.

The difference is we see beauty in diversity and individuality. Our acceptance of each other is not an agreement of ideas, but the understanding that we are all striving for our own personal excellence. Indeed, conflicts arise, but the Left Hand Path embraces conflict as an opportunity for growth, where whoever is left standing has learned something.

Unfortunately, the greatest source of conflict that I see is indeed the taint of Right Hand Path paradigms and philosophies. The problem lies in behavioral conditioning; not knowing how to be truly free, like an ex-slave recreating the chains that once bound him and calling them something else.

The books by Michael W. Ford initially introduced me to Ahriman in a very personal and profound way. Before that, I was always annoyed by Zoroastrianism because I was mad about the duality thing. I tend to think of duality as essential polarity, like negative and positive charges in an electromagnetic field; ( there is no electromagnetism without both charges. The thing that really tipped the scale for me nearly twenty years ago is that the Right Hand Path is all about indulging the good side to a sickening degree and barely tolerating the dark. How was I to develop and become my true potential if I was never permitted to fully explore and express both? There is no personal field of power without both charges.

That being said, I have learned much and now possess an understanding that I never thought possible. Now, I hope you are following what I am saying, because honestly there are not many people who can understand what I am saying once I get going. The bottom line is this: There is no substitute for thinking for yourself. Not the cult of personality, not any motto and not any god. That is what the Left Hand Path means to me: Thinking for oneself.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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