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Fear is how you were trained,  Fear is how you are controlled. Fear of want, of punishment, of not belonging, of futility and of any situation that may or may not, get out of your control. Fear of loss, of too much and fear of your own ideas. Fear of ideas conceived on your own and fear of not getting them approved by other people..

I have been done with “Fear Based” religion/ philosophy/ ideology, for a long time, but breaking all ties with social programming entered into the personal data base, is messy and complicated.   We get it early, before we are seven years old. By then it is hard wired in us and our love for our parental units, caused us to cherish even the most self mutilating programming.

So “waking up” is hard to do.

Why would parents do this to their children? They have been programmed that bad things will happen to their children if they do not break them and train them to fear the authorities. If the reason that you do not break the law, is fear of prison, then you are already in prison. Most people live within the parameters of small petty fears. Death is the one fear that you can use to wake up. Let the fact that most people live and die without ever living beyond their social programming and petty fears: let it be your wake up call. Soul or not, this reduces a human being: to an eating and pooping machine, a mouse in the maze, pulling the lever to get the cheese. Don Webb said that we are machines with the potential to become gods. Let Fear be your advisor, fear of death and fear of having lived without ever discovering, who or what you are.

Fear is how you were trained. Fear is how you are controlled. Fear of being eaten by a saber-tooth tiger, causes individuals to develop proper survival strategies. Let fear be a tool to make you better, not to control you. Master your fear and you will be free of it. It is no more than another piece of data necessary, to navigate lifes most interesting adventures.

Now this is where breaking that programming becomes tricky. Most of us were programmed to be controlled by eternal punishment, after death. Death is a gateway but it is fully ironic that it is downplayed here. There is a psychological reason for that. So that people will be hardwired to die, short circuiting the self preservation instinct, so that people will be willing to die for the control system. After all they are promised a beautiful reward in that fabled afterlife. Death the greatest fear and survival the most basic instinct, is subjugated and short circuited for the purpose of: sabotaging any efforts to wake up. If you wake up, fear of death and self preservation are a sin and the thoughts of a traitor. It is selfish to take care of your-self and preserve your personal existence. Enlightened self interest is presented as aberrant. The fact is that the social programming is such a deviation from what is human, that measures have to be taken to keep people from waking up.

Enter the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Everyone rushes about, like good little bees, taking care of the hive. No time, to think, to live: only time to survive. (which is how the survival instinct is re-routed to keep you a slave) Only time to: stay chained, to the wheel and use all of our time and energy just to keep it rolling.

Anyone on the Left Hand Path who says to me, that they are excited to die for their path are still suffering from the self preservation short circuit from the social programming. Dying is easy, living is hard; especially when you dare to wake up. Life is for the living and it is awesome. I enjoy every-day. Every challenge I meet, no matter how daunting, is an opportunity to grow and learn. Every challenge either defines or helps you discover who you really are and what you are really capable of.

I was born without fear, this always disturbed my mother. Later in life I had to develop and forge fear into a sword. While fear controls you, self awareness allows you to break that control and discover who you really are. There is a time and place for everything.  My natural fearlessness is really awesome, but without the sword, I am naked and naive. Fear did not train me, because my programming never properly took. Fear does not control me, because that is just missing from my lexicon. I had to write it in and find a proper function for it.

Fear is how you were trained. Train your fear to serve you, not to be your master.

A nod, to the white lighter, fuzzy thinking option. Yes, abandoning fear altogether seems to be a path to breaking the programming, as long as you don’t have to deal with the other half of the equation…other people. Other people/ other adepts/ other gods; this multi-verse is a happy hunting grounds, whether you like it or not.

Which brings us to the wisdom, found in Luciferian Ideology: of operating as “the only god that is,” and understanding that the universe is predatorial. According to Don Juan Matus, from the Carlos Casteneda tales, the universe is predatorial. Another echo of Luciferian Wisdom is found in the Nag Hamadi Library; wherein Ialdabaoth “Awakened” and declared himself the only god that is. Once you begin to discover what your potential really is, you have to learn to think like a god. Without this one lesson, all your other lessons will not come to fruition. Also important to utilize is the wisdom of investing a hundred percent belief in circle and not investing any outside of the operations. Magickal operations are like tech-ing your subconscious and the operating system of the universe, at large.

Turn the tables on your fear, break your programming any way that you can, and wake up. One of the first steps to waking up, for many people, is facing the very Archetype used to control people with fear: the Devil himself. Many people who dare to wake up, start out as Satanists, simply because it is forbidden by the control system. Breaking every taboo and not having your head explode, on the one hand is exhilarating and on the other a let-down. A let down, as in the realization hitting home, that we have all been lied to, all along; by the very side that is supposedly, the good guys. It is absurd and insane that the world is upside down. Knowledge is power, but it is not easy to digest. When you learn through experience then the realizations really hit home, but knowing does not make it any easier. You still must free your-self from your social programming. All of the stories of Bodhisattvas are of individuals who freed themselves from the wheel, but who chose to stay, until every-one was free. The problem is, most people do not, nor ever will, want to be free. They prefer the illusion of freedom so they can play the blame game. I say: that the Bodhisattva tales are just more social programming. That even if you do awaken, that you will never free yourself, for the sake of others. Really?

To know what you fear, is to find the key to free your-self.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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