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Exposing Joy of Satan

No matter how much I try to avoid this subject,considering it below my intellect I am just forced by the circumstances and my own moral code to debate it, if not for me at least for those teens that believe in their bombastic lies.
Joy of Satan is in fact a Nazi organization that is trying to attract as many members as possible with some ”Christian” promises of Hell after death. In their own psychotic minds Satan is the real God and God is Satan, gentiles(aryans) being the children of some blonde Satan father while Jews the off-springs of an evil YHVH.(Have I forgot to say that Jews are Reptilians too?).I know this sounds at least crazy but, believe it or not, JOS has attracted thousands of¬† members with this story.
I do believe in the freedom of speech and also I do think that any of us has the right to live and in the moment when someone tries to cut those rights off, the good citizens should act.
Let’s see first who are those behind the scene:

Maxine Dietrich aka Andrea Clifford Herrington

She calls herself the High Priestess of Satan and describes in many of her articles, how is to be married to a Demon and to have sex with other several Demons in a very graphic way that would embarrass any erotic literature writer. She is married to Clifford Herrington-former leader of American NSM, kicked out of the organization after the members found out what is his wife doing. Since then it seems that both select members for their own private agenda- be it money,or different types of ”services” that would cover the¬† leaders. In her articles the main subject is sex and masturbation followed by antisemitism, all of them wrapped in nice ”Father Satan loves you”type of words. In fact what they did wasn’t even smart- they switched the Christian Jesus with Satan and voila you have the ”Spiritual Satanism”.To all those ingredients add some ”How to hide from parents guide” and you have the Joy of Satan.
I am in the Occult for over 10 years and I have been studied almost all of the Esoteric movements and also I have Ancient History diploma. I say this because their sites seem to defy not only logic but also common sense, moreover they have nothing to do with Satanism,Left Hand Path or even History. In fact all of their so called articles or/and books are nothing more than copy/pasted from other authors.(Franz Bardon, Zecharia Sitchin etc).Their(or better said her) main parallel universe ideas are:

– Satan is Enki or/and Ea-It is true that many ancient civilizations adopted one faith from another(see the Romans and the Greeks for example)however, there are no evidences that this entity might be the Satan/Lucifer as is seen in the Bible. In fact some theories suggest that the Canaanites were associating Ea with YHVH.

– Jews are Reptilians-I don’t even know what to answer to this nonsense. Anyway, considering her sex drive,she should like it.

– Satan and his demons are aliens-I think she took the ”alien” theory from the Scientologists(or maybe I’m wrong!?!).

– Jews and the evil entity YHVH are planing to rule the Earth and to enslave the gentiles

– Satan is the Father of the Human race-except Jews.

The Holocaust never existed

Now, you see she wasn’t even original on most of these theories and regarding the ”magick” section she only copy/pasted¬† Franz Bardon -”Initiation into Hermetics” occult program and transfromed it into a 6 month blitzkrieg training for dummies, ignoring the fact that many of the exercises cannot be cut off without creating unbalance. Here I would like to warn the teens about the dangers of the occult-not everyone is suitable for this path, just like the immature persons should stay away, at least until they mature enough to taste from LIFE first. Also this path has nothing to do with politics.
I am adding here some links that should make you think twice before joining them.

For those that  do not know from where to take REAL information regarding WW2 ,the Holocaust or just Jewish history I suggest .There are millions of documents regarding Jewish people from ALL the countries some even older than 200 years. Not stories, or fairy tales but real documents. Also other sites of interest could be:

Just remember-be suspicious on someone that says to trust him and his words. Better study for yourself.

Article By Kirke

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