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Excavating Your Self

We live in a time of wonder. Oh sure, the world around us is afflicted by war and famine and disease, which is as it has always been in human history. To quote The Tale of Two Cities: ”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,…” The wonder I speak of is for personal discovery of what is human potential on a scale never before possible.
Never in recorded history has as many persistent and talented sorcerers as shared their personal discoveries published in tomes making their treasures available to anyone as now. There are many different reactions to their works; one such reaction is the cult of personality, where people misunderstand and worship the author like a rock star. It is part of our “Hollywood” behavioral conditioning. This is understandable because we are all programmed to do this. This is why we have to break our conditioned responses as part of the work. The authors have worked hard and braved great peril to excavate the secrets of this great and hidden science and dared to bring it to you with the intention that it is made available for you to use it, understand it and take it to the next level.
What you do with it and how you approach it is up to you. The bottom line is that you are excavating your self and discovering your potential. You are discovering who you really are and what it really means to be you. The first step is to believe in yourself. That is your legacy and birthright to become a living god. It is a wonder that we have these tomes which are tools, methods and approaches. You have many to choose from and to refine and adapt to your individual development.
It is difficult and not easy. It is a science and takes self discipline and self awareness. But what you have to ask your self is “Am I worth it?”  We are conditioned so it is easier to take care of someone else and not yourself than to focus on yourself. Our conditioning says that if you put so much time and energy into yourself, you are being selfish. All of this self denial has led to is a cluster of pain and suffering within and reflected without.  This is part of the reason that Aliester Crowley ( said that you have no right to do other than your true will because all of this self denial has made a mess of the world because we have made a mess of ourselves. I discovered that he is all about solutions when I studied his work in depth.
Break your conditioning and when people say you are being selfish because you are spending your time, money and resources for your growth and development, it will not matter. Big Brother lives in our social conditioning and we keep each other in line by reminding each other to be good by the conditioned definition.
Now is the time to use all those tools made available to you to discover who you really are and what your real potential is. What has been forbidden to all of us amounts to the keys to our liberation and our becoming. Truly most people will not choose to wake up because becoming a living god is to stand in the abyss as the creator god and speak the word, to create what ever we speak into being. No floor to catch you if you fall and no nanny to coddle you. It is to be your own support. It is because of this that the wise will never outnumber those who choose to look for someone else to guide them and take responsibility for them.
Nevertheless there are more in number than ever who seek their own treasures and are using these tools to become living gods. What will come of this is yet to be seen and, indeed, the story never ends. What we will achieve is just another beginning.
This is truly an age of wonder. The bottom line is that there is no one more important than you and that we are all at different phases in our path and you decide whether you are ready and whether you are worth it or not. You determine the measure of your worth, and in fact what you measure yourself by.
I have already said it is difficult but only because if I dig in the ground there is resistance to the shovel. The fact of the matter is you are waking up and excavating your self. Once the first awakening hits it seems so obvious yet is immediately buried by the thousand things which will suddenly beset you, and it is scary and dangerous and paying attention is your only protection. Pay attention and persist and it becomes as easy as breathing; as a matter of fact, prana yama is an excellent technique, and a helpful one in such a situation.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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