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Enochian Keys and the Left Hand Path Approach

If you want to actually raise Hell this is the best way to go.  Donald Tyson in Enochian Magick for Beginners drones on and on about Edward Kelly’s suspicions that the Enochian “Angels” were not “Angels” at all.  About how Tyson himself is leaving certain formula out of the book, lest some evil person, misuse it and start the “Apocalypse.” As a matter of fact Mister Tyson cast suspicion on the whole revelation to Dee and Kelly, for the whole purpose of starting the apocalypse.

Poppycock… let me clue you in here on very important and essential distinctions.  The modern magickal Qabala we work with was extrapolated from Judaic sources but in no way resembles those sources in purpose and approach.  The modern western yoga class is extrapolated from Eastern sources and in no way resembles those sources purpose and approach.  The same is true for modern Enochian magickal and theosophical systems which were extrapolated from the few remaining papers that Doctor John Dee failed to destroy.  We in no way have the whole as a matter of fact we have more of a hole than anything else.

It is equally important to understand the purpose for the extrapolation, which is the same in each case.  The raw data of the Qabala can be manipulated by the western Magician in a practical way to move energy and to facilitate a type of personal alchemy.  The raw power of even the most basic yoga practices improves health and aids in self discovery on intimate levels of being.  What little survived of Enochian, was pastiche together because there is power in every letter, number and word that provides a boost to any magickal work.  So the Qabalist applied their own designs to the Enochian information and wove it into a tapestry to boost their own aims.

The Modern Enochian Systems (like many Grimoires) was warped to fit the Golden Dawn, with much success.  Many of the Early founders of the Modern Wicca and Witchcraft Revival based the format for their ceremonies and correspondences on the Golden Dawn.  To the point: that the Watchtower System, is based on the Golden Dawn usage of the Enochian Watchtowers.  Furthermore it has been my personal observation that enochian words of power were even woven into wiccan chants and the barbarous names of ceremonial magick.  This was so easy to do because this is the specialty of Enochian numbers, letters and configurations.  They are completely amoral forces that provide a potent boost to any magickal work.  When I say: they do not care how they are used as long as you use them and in practice explore the limits of there usage, I say it from experience.

Most Satanists, Black Adepts and L.H.P. practitioners do not fully utilize the potential of the Enochian keys.  They are put off not by the raw data but the qabalistic mold it was poured into.  The keys I refer to here are not the calls, but every part of the raw enochian data.  A mystic Benjamin Rowe poured it into his theosophical cosmology.  John Dee was a Christian Magician who sought the secrets of the universe and then tried to destroy them because in his mind raw power without moral boundaries was too dangerous for humanity.  Yet a small portion of the material that he tried to obliterate, survived.

For most people Enochian is such an obscure subject clouded even more by the wide range of users who have painted it with their own personal biases.  The range of users, are across the whole spectrum from extreme R.H.P. fanatics to even the Necronomicon Practitioners.  Which bespeaks of its user friendly and amoral nature.  The only way to approach it outside of the good/ evil paradigm and from a balanced perspective is to read as much as you can about it and try it out.  Adapt it to your purpose and approach.   The only stumbling block is these forces are intelligent and must be dealt with as such.  This is where the subjective/ objective preferred paradigm of many practitioners, falls apart.

What the enochian material offers is clues to keys of power.  The power to work miracles in your life; miracles that operate by very specific laws.  Not laws as in good or evil but as in operational parameters and formula.  There is a symmetry and streamlined practicality to the basics of enochian data.  I am perplexed by Gerald and Betty Schuelers creation of a chaos tablet for the Enochian Cube, because there already exists an obvious sixth face in the Enochian Material.  Mahorella is the Dark Heavens, which makes more sense in the Enochian Cube.  The enochian cube is used for path-working and I can only imagine the reason that they did not include the dark heavens is that none of the details about them have survived.  Which also, makes them a perfect subject for path-working.

One of the features of of enochian is that a name or word backwards invokes its opposite force.  Which is a bone of controversy: because as the enochian data was transmitted through Kelly and supposedly transcribed in reverse by Dee, because the words alone allegedly invoked the forces.  So is the surviving material in reverse or corrected and in a correct arrangement?  Only Dee knows whether what we have is correct or in reverse.  Furthermore his care in transcribing would have also invoked the opposing force.  In the heat of the experience he seemed to have overlooked this one detail.  I knew one Satanist who was working with the Enochian system in an attempt to release spirits that he believed were trapped.  I suggested the obvious reversal for the Enochian divine names that rule the Enochian watchtowers.  Of course he never did it because he had already experienced the force behind the enochian powers and was too cautious.  The simplicity and straightforwardness of how enochian works, is not really complicated.  The apparent complications seem to exist because of all the missing information that did not survive.  So essentially we are working with puzzle pieces that seem to work no matter how you assemble them.  The words of power are indeed words of power, the application of enochian as a booster to any working is effective.

My hypothesis: is that enochian is like the basic code of an computer operating system; only it may be some strands of code we got a hold of, for the operating system of the universe we live in.  I don’t know what it is, I do not that it works and how it works.  In many Left Hand Path orders and systems west is the proper direction to begin a rite.  The name, of the Ruler of the Enochian Watchtower of the West, means “the horned god, the first true creator.”  Think about that?  Enochian is definitely user friendly to the Satanist and the Left Hand Path practitioner.  As a matter of fact the Enochian “Angels” told Dee and Kelly, not to worship Jesus.  Indeed it seems when you enter beyond the surface of the Enochian Material through experience, you will find it is not what those qabalist in the Golden Dawn, tried to make it out to be.  They just used it to boost the energetic power of their rites.  Which is why even Isreal Regardie in the introduction to the Enochian Section of the Golden Dawn book, he questions the stability of those attracted to the study of pure enochian.  Maybe he understood that the pure power of enochian is not good or evil but indeed power without moral boundaries.  Yet every Golden Dawn rite is riddled with enochian words of power.  Hmmm…  indeed puzzling since I was trained to never use material that I have not researched myself.

Indeed food for thought and for a select few who dare, keys to unlocking “more than” human potential.  For those who dare, keys to becoming and personal ascension.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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