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E.A. Koetting – Evoking Eternity (Ixaxaar, 2009)

Brief quote from the introduction:
“Evocation is not a mysterious untouchable thing.  It is a function of the spiritual machine of existence. Simultaneously relying on a working to build a connection between the individual and the whole of creation, between man and God, between what is and what could possibly be.”

This is a must read for anyone interested in the Dark Arts or any kind of Magick and Mysticism.  Koetting has the enthusiasm and wonderment of a child who has discovered the Magick that works a hundred percent.  The real deal and he wants to share it with you.
The book is easy to read and poetic. His approach is strictly scientific and to the point, making evocation accessible as a method to be applied by anyone willing to do the work.  He literally strips out the psychobabble and religious gobbly gook.  So what is left, is the basics of how it works.  He describes subjective states and when they occur and what they are for. He gives detailed descriptions of his methods, experiences and how he has evolved.
That being said he makes it clear that it is up to you to overcome your own fear, superstition and doubt.  When you can do that outright, through evocation: the whole world awaits your command.
Currently we are waiting for his latest offering: the book of Azazel.
Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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