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Digestion or Indigestion

It is common sense, if you eat to wait before strenuous exercise. You can eat all the nutritional food you want, and if you throw it up, because of an eating disorder, you cannot nourish your body.  As above, so below. If you absorb energy or information and do not digest it, it cannot nourish your mind or energetic body. When you read or apply new information for the first time and think you’ve got it; without waiting to see the results, you do not have it. What is worse is students who vomit up new information, as there own ideas, devoid of any depth of understanding or experience. Doing a ritual does not equal experience. Spitting out untried wisdom, and presenting your-self as a self made magus, is a waste of time. It is a waste of your time and thanks to social media, a waste of newbies time too. If you lack critical thinking skills and do not think for your-self, this is a thinking disorder that will make you vomit up what you think you know before you have taken the time to gain wisdom through experience, in regards to the potential of the information devoured.

Beyond rational knowledge is instinctual knowledge and wisdom. This is the most difficult to gain and understand. The alchemical marriage is a proper mixture of the reasonable faculty with the emotional faculty; usually described as hermetic and orphic. Alchemy texts describe proper heating and cooling of the prime material; as well as time frames for each. Whether you are practicing mysticism or magick; this is what we know. We know that a student needs time to process information and learn through experience over time. We also know that the student needs to build up his energy field, aura, astral body etc. The student needs to learn to raise, absorb, retain and release energy.

Like everyone else, Vampyres absorb energy and nourish themselves. If their chakras are out of balance or if their energy field is torn and leaking, then they can absorb all day and it will not do them any good. Furthermore, without a proper energetic foundation, that is balanced and centered, there can be no successful evocation or magickal practice; as the scattered energies will not be focused enough to manifest or will manifest chaotically. Madness is not enough, although it is a part of the process.

There are no shortcuts. You must develop your energy body, you must develop self awareness and self discipline. Journaling is a part of the process of digestion of knowledge and experience.  The journal allows you to look over your material and measure your progress. You can cut corners, but you are only cheating yourself.  You must take your time to learn through experience and you must test everything, including your-self. You must digest your food, if you want it to nourish your body. You must take the time to digest your experience to distill it into wisdom.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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