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Day 15 Devil Day

So far all news reports regarding the usage of Baphomet by the Satanic Temple are inaccurate as to both symbolism and chronology of events. As to the argument intended to invalidate the temple regarding the atheistic nature of the temple: Anton LeVay was an Atheist. Furthermore the Universal Symbol of Satanists in America since the 1960’s has been the inverted goat headed pentagram commonly known as a Baphomet pendant. Indeed every argument about the usage of Baphomet has been poorly researched or in some cases outright misrepresented. Which is nothing new because cultural Xianism in America is based in ignorance and superstition and is not based on research and reason. As a matter of fact some of the most well known figures in the Left Hand Path community started out in Bible Colleges and Theistic Studies because research leads to understanding and understanding leads to reason. The reason that we call it waking up is because the masses are in a hypnotic sleep-like state.

Eliphas Levi first published the artistic representation of Baphomet in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, 1856, Indeed here in this publication it makes clear that it is associated with Black Magic and the Devil. There is a legendary oral history of Baphomet and many theories about the “real” etymological origins of the word. One order claims that Baphomet is not even an hermaphrodite but really based on a terrifying visage of an Ancient Kali like Goddess holding a ripped of ruined penis. The obvious Hermetic Alchemy Symbolism is the staff in the lap of the figure. Perhaps alluding to the healing power of certain Tantric practices. Levi was certainly a Hermetic Magician who had heard all of the tales. He took a liking to the figure and represented it artistically. Essentially illustrating the plight of natural man seeking Ascension and being Right Hand Path he considered natural man to be essentially evil. Therefor the strange visage of a goat headed and hooved hermaphrodite striving to find true spiritual freedom, individuality and power.

The goat headed god with a Torch of Illumination upon his brow and raising his right hand to heaven and bringing down a torch in his left Enlightening those who dwell in the Earth. Clearly a reference to the promethean nature of Lucifer the Light Bearer and let us not forget the Goat headed Biblical Azazel. As far back has there hsve been stories of a Devil in Europe and stories of the Man in Black at Witches Sabbats, he has always been depicted as having the head of a Goat and sometimes humanoid with goat horns. Yet according to critics of the Satanic Temple, the Baphomet is not Satanic enough. Which part? Oh yeah the part that they did not research.

Yes the Templars “allegedly” worshiped a talking Baphomet head which was probably just the Skull of Dagobert which was called the Mahomet. Dagobert was the last of the French Dragon Kings. The royal bloodline of the Merovian Dynasty was recognized as Divine even by the Pope in Rome. Dagobert was also related to the Grail Legend and as a result a Chalice was fashioned to hold his Skull.You can read all about it in Holy Blood, Holy Grail; crack a non-fiction book sometime.

I do encourage you to do your own research but Hell Yeah Baphomet has been a symbol of the Satanic subculture in story and symbol for a very long time and is currently in use as a symbol and worn on a chain by both Theistic and Atheistic Satanist.

Critics seem to forget our Success in Oklahoma where they removed the Ten Commandments Statue, instead of allowing the Baphomet Statue in front of the State Capitol. I say Success because there should be separation of Church and State in America.

Critics say that Atheistic Satanists are not a real Religion because they don’t remember that Anton LeVay was an Atheistic Satanist.

Critics say that Baphomet is not legitimately a Satanic Symbol; yet it is and has been consistently in use as a symbol by Satanists for a long time.

Think for yourself or someone else will…

Article by: Firestorm Coraxo

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