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Dante Abiel – Necromantic Sorcery (2013, Become A Living God)

Indeed E.A. Koetting and Become a Living God has published a masterpiece. It is a beautiful book and beyond that everything that he and Dante Abiel said about this book, is true. It is rare to see zero hype in the process of promoting anything.

I just finished reading it through for the first time. They recommend reading it through once before beginning. I personally think it is crucial. In the book Dante recommends that you analyze it thoroughly.¬† Now any of you interested in Necromancy has already read the free preview on the Become a Living God web site. I know I did and that was part of the reason that I had to read it. So, many of you already know Dante’s starting point into the Necromantic current.

Death is a part of life and yet Necromancy, as in direct knowledge of or fraternization with the dead is strictly forbidden. People like to pretend as if there is no such thing as death. Yet an awareness of death is crucial to a proper appreciation of life. Death in the family is most traumatic and often awakening.  Trauma is often a catalyst for awakening and for some a road to confusion and self destruction. When a successful practitioner of magick loses someone close to them, all hell breaks loose and all bets are off.  Which brings us to the birth of: Necromantic Sorcery, The Forbidden Rites of Death Magick by Dante Abiel.

In this book Dante takes you through his personal journey on his quest to unlock the secrets of life, death and rebirth. He takes you into his quest for power and shares many of the revelations that he uncovered.  He coins the phrase Saturnian Necromancy and outlines what it means. He reveals secrets of Necromancy and the initiations of the Order of the 13th Judgment.  He reveals certain secrets of Voodoun and backdoors into any system. He shares his own dark descent into the Necromantic current and he recommends that if you choose this path that you personalize it. He is sharing his expertise and providing guidelines, it is for you to take it and make it your own.

Reading this book was a most unexpected experience, for me. It starts out intense and never stops as each raw and shocking page simply led to more visceral shocks wherein the rabbit hole seems to have no bottom. It took me three days to read this book because I had to work and other normal mundane duties, including babysitting the cutest children on earth. The sheer daring of Dante to reveal certain secrets was mind blowing. Sometimes while reading, I would turn a page and just leap up from the shock of the content. Several times I would read a sentence and then have to reread it just to confirm that he actually said that. The depth of the information about the death Gods and Loa was really awesome.¬† Then I would turn a page and read something so far beyond what I expected that I was truly horrified.¬† Dante’s journey is truly terrifying. But how else does a man truly test the boundaries of what is possible, with Necromancy? Dante’s quest for unlocking the secrets of the dead to gain power over death was more
than successful, he gained more than that. Unlimited power can be gained through Necromancy at the risk of losing everything. It is hard work and a deep desire to know that led to his success. Some things he said have really made me think about some things in a different way. Especially in regards to certain types of paranormal activity. That is not really covered in the book but he does go into great detail about his experiences with the dead and about certain regions in the death realm. The grid he mentions is also quite intriguing. As well as inadvertently describing a feature of super-string theory while describing an interface with a certain spirit of death. Overall I was both intrigued and repulsed; I found it incredibly engaging.

As to the dire warnings, they are also true. I recommend taking up yoga and taking extra care to safeguard your health. Of course that is a good idea whatever path your on. Also if you are not 18 or older, do not read this book. Furthermore this grimoire is advanced, I recommend certain skills be developed prior to working with it. Read the book and you will understand. If you are interested in learning about Saturnian Necromancy or Voodoun, then you will enjoy this book.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Book Review by Firestorm Coraxo

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