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Dangers of Vampirism

Being a Magick practitioner doesn’t protects you from harm, on the contrary, the more you absorb knowledge and sink into the Abyss, the more you are prone to traps. I am not going to talk about general matters in this article but only on one subject, being Vampirism.
Vampirism is¬† not something new, even if we are bombed with teenagers movies lately, where the main character, the vampire, is more of a romantic figure with pretty features and gentleman attitude. Now, the occult stage didn’t stay immune to the movies and we see more and more Adepts claiming to be vampires, especially energy vampires, even if the blood fetishists are in a big number too. If you ask me, most of them are in a teenage stage, emotionally imbalanced or mentally ill, but even so they are still dangerous.

Why do magick practitioners chose the vampire path anyway?

Now, any activity has a purpose in itself and everyone of us, Initiate or not wants to get a better life, but the problem arise when we stand in front of quality evolution. Some of us will have a very good job, some will become famous,some will become very rich and marry a famous actress. From their point of view their life became better and is filled with ”quality”. Here the Ego talks. I am deeply sorry to say that in the Occult area same things happen. It’s all about the Ego and who is the next Magus or who is the Alpha male/female. We chose less and less our true self and more and more what looks better. The Vampire is a mysterious figure that attracts everyone and with a little reiki knowledge and some magick any of us can pretend to be a Vampire. More and more occult practitioners get drawn into a chaotic path of unconscious, without purpose activity, the others see a personal, immediate purpose thinking that attacking one or another will give them a status. Another category that might choose the Vampire as a path is the Philosopher, using some moral standards from one Temple or another and debating ad infinitum with everyone one or two laws.

What I don’t see very often is that thirst for knowledge and that hunger for transforming yourself into art(not your magick but Yourself). Is true I’ve found less of this category, those that chosed a different interaction with the others and a permanent swirl of their inner energies. Our life is not only one stage but we should struggle to evolve to another, then the next one and so on. The lessons that we get in life have nothing to do with money or fame¬† but with evolution. I’ve seen people that gave up Christ and became Pagans, transforming their Pagan Goddess into another Christ and also I’ve seen Satanists claiming to be true to their path but failed every time when their honor was in question. On the other hand we all must understand that the human being is a complex product where the earth matters and celestial ones are just one side of the problem. There are several individuals that chose to imitate, and might seem persons with less evolved conscience that just take from here and there. The reality is different-they evolve only and via their own group. So if that group has a vampiric strategy they will become so, or take vampiric methods. Is the case of some isolated African tribes and some Eastern European countries where the Vampire has entered into the collective unconscious as a major archetype. For us though, that follow the Magick as individual beings with our own will and psyche, we must never ever take the Vampire for granted or just as a game but only if this is part of our true evolution or part of our true self, if not this might be a major¬† back up in our path as a whole.

Article by Kirke

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