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Daemonic Food for Thought

Whether Daevas or old gods of any non Christian pantheon they needed to be discredited in a purely political move by the church. In Babylonian mythology Taimat and Kingu could not be destroyed only subdued and had to be bound by sorceries into the very fabric creation. In Jungian psychology the shadow contains all of the invalidated and suppressed aspects of our own psyche and nature. They are essential aspects that can not be destroyed without destroying the self. In the slave religion demons are used much like a parent trying to scare a child into doing what they say. The truth is without the Devil there is no need for a Savior. Furthermore even with a Devil there is no need for a Savior.  It is a shell game, slight of hand; taking your attention away from you. You believe in your self and it does not matter what paradigm is true or false. Nothing can shake your foundation without your consent. Demons are the stars of most modern horror movies.  The public is obsessed with possession. The truth is we want to possess the raw power of demonic energy. Whether it is our own dark aspect we want to unleash or a demonic entity we summon to our aid.

Because you see whether we believe or do not believe they exist. Either within or without; or extra-planar, or even alien: they can not be exorcised because they are essential in some way. Interestingly the word alien does not mean extraterrestrial and psychologist used to be known as alienist. Gnostics teach that the liberators or angels from the Divine planes appear as demonic in this world and indeed are destructive to it.  My point is that whatever name calling occurs they are essential forces and represent raw inexhaustible and undeniable power.

When I was first studying the archetypes of the Necronomicon it was because they never die. They survive mutilation and dismemberment. They survive the aeons that pass.  Somehow they are so potent that even in exile their consciousness is vigilant and ever waiting to bust the gates and return. Why would they want to return here? According to the mythos this was and is their realm and we are the usurpers. The blood of the general of Taimat’s armies is said to flow through our veins.
One of the things that we fight for in the LHP is to break the lies designed to keep people under control and keep them slaves. Whether theist or atheist we confront the chains that have been used to bind us and break them. So we confront the nightmares. We summon the vile things from the pit and find they are not vile at all and that we miraculously survived. Many sorcerers are breaking all the rules and living to tell the tale. One of my friends who stopped practicing many years ago because he saw something ‚Äúdark‚ÄĚ was telling me this was a deception. He claims these sorcerers must have made a pact and that they are leading us all astray.¬† Lol. Heated and pointless debate ensued because he does nothing. How do you know unless you walk the walk? First of all followers are not LHP really; ours is a self determined path with characters and personalities we look up to as those who dared and lived to tell the tale but that is all. They are valued members of our loose association that we call the LHP community but none are more important than the individual himself. Furthermore we value diversity which indeed means we do not agree.¬† Individual preferences and ideas are valuable but sometimes lead to conflict. Conflict is an opportunity for growth which is a healthy attitude because any conflict not met becomes a suppressed issue or is part of a greater avoidance of the self within. The worst part of the lies used to control us is that we have been told to fear ourself.
Exorcism is a big hit at the box office. It makes great movies but is ridiculous and hilarious. One of the things LHP sorcerers have been doing is the dreaded inverse exorcism where demons are invoked via the Latin exorcism backwards. Also there have been Theistic LHP sorcerers exorcising the Holy Trinity out of people. There is a parody of one on my wall posted by Iblis Shaitan. Unlike the church we have a sense of humor.  That is not to say this is not serious business. LHP sorceries use something called daemonic momentum to reshape reality according to the will of the sorcerer. It is achieved through a combination of project based workings and the alchemy of consciousness caused by demonic contact. They awaken something in us that is amazing, our own raw potential.
The raw and essential energy known as demonic power is intelligent and sentient and we seek to possess it. It is potent in a practical and self empowering way; and that is why it will never die, as long as men walk the earth.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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