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Come To The Dark Sides We Have Cookies

Brian Sharp is a pragmatic magickian; every rite he does is project oriented and goal driven, and all of his rites are aligned and focused to a very specific end. Furthermore, he takes the time and energy to prepare for each magickal act. These things are not uncommon among competent operators of the magickal arts; what is uncommon is that he is also a true believer.

What brings me to write another article about him is a conversation that we were having about the Easter Apostasy. I mean, I knew it was a magick rite, and that he does not believe Ahriman is a symbol, but a deity. But until that moment, I did not know that he believed there was a historical Jesus to resurrect in the vessel that he has prepared, so he really is resurrecting Jesus and then getting him to dedicate himself to Ahriman. If anyone else were doing this, it might be a pageant, but in the hands of a magickian like Brian, what would happen?

According to hermetic thought form technology and the relationship of consciousness to the phenomenal world in “Tertium Organum,” this event would occur and would be transformative.  Essentially, it would work.

What do you think?

Here are my mad ramblings on the subject:

First of all, he heavily employs enochian. Most people who know me know that I obsess over my own theories about what enochian functionally is. Enochian words are woven into the rites of almost every western magickal tradition; I have studied and utilized it, and the more I know, the more I am intrigued. I think that its function may be likened to that of html, as in useful to directly edit the user friendly interface of the phenomena that we experience as the world.

Secondly, my past research from a long, long time ago was about the book of revelations and the Qabalistic symbolism. In a sense, everything is Qabalistic, because the Qabala is functionally a measuring tool; for instance, a door is daleth, which is related to venus and on and on. That is to say, I know a lot about the book of revelations, which is why I do not buy into the whole end of the world thing. Now, the energy of all myth cycles must complete in some way, whether just energetically, metaphorically or literally. It is the flow of thought forms that we have created; it is not so much an ending as it is the lifting of certain limitations; the thought forms, for instance, can then be changed or harnessed—whatever fits your agenda.

So what does this Easter Apostasy have to do with the book of Revelations? I don’t know that it does, but it does remind me of something that always bothered me about an odd bit; there is that part where they can find no one to open the seven seals. The one they find is like something out of a Clive Barker novel, and it is supposed to be Jesus; he is described as having seven eyes and seven horns and is as he was slain. The odd wording “is as he was slain” always got me, because they were describing Jesus at his second coming and opening the seals. Now, if it happened at the time he was slain, it would have already happened and completed the myth cycle; it would be over. But what if it was somehow as he was slain as in “alike the way he was slain” or some mimicry? It is well a known occult and physics theory that time and space are not fixed; that which we call consciousness is not bound by it. So if a sorcerer successfully resurrected Jesus in a vessel and through emulating “as he was slain”, then the myth cycle may indeed complete, but with different results, since this sorcerer is literally hell bent on having Jesus dedicate himself to Ahriman.

His name is Yeshua, and apparently this Easter he is come over to the Dark Side.

We shall see at the Easter Apostasy.

Until next time…Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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