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Benefits of the Adversary

Quality of life is important to me. I am a sensitive artist and writer. I am very empathic and sensitive to energy currents. There are many paths and a multitude of approaches for each one.¬† To each their own and only the individual can choose for themselves. That being said, that Chinese curse always reminded me of my life; the one: “to have an interesting life.” As a result my best art and writing have come out of adversity. My personal magickal awakening and self awareness emerged amidst chaos and adversity.

The mainstream approach to form an environment conducive to creative pursuits is to withdraw from life and avoid pain and difficulty. To me that is like having sex without friction. Think about it. Art emerges from life and sometimes the best art emerges from pain. I remember when I had health problems they told me to reduce my stress. Might has well give someone a death blow. Really; I knew there had to be another way.

I am also a warrior; ever since I was little, I always stood my ground and fought my own battles.¬† I believe in fighting for my freedom of thought, speech and action; and also I take responsible for my thoughts, speech and actions. I had a recent incident and it led to an amazing burst of creativity where I did four high quality pieces of art in an evening. I usually take from 24 to 72 hours from start to finish. Writer’s block or artistic blocks usually happen when nothing is happening. Indeed art is a reflection of life. I love life and a challenge.

Crowley once said that we need to develop immunity to evil. What he was talking about was how to prevent your cultivated energy from being hijacked or thrown off balance by unexpected conflict etc. Which is a crucial point, because whether you are using your creative flow for straight art or Magickal purposes, it can be thrown off pretty easily. Unless, of course, you are on the path of the Adversary. Through self-discipline and hard work you can develop strength of mind and body that cannot be shaken. I have found the Bible of the Adversary and Liber HVHI by Michael W. Ford to be very helpful in this area.

If you cannot face your self then you cannot face the Adversary. It is a dangerous path…but so is life. According to Israel Regardie no student should undertake a Magickal path, even the Qabala, until the potential student first undergoes some kind of psychological analysis. Whether your approach is Atheistic, Theistic or Ideological, self awareness is an essential starting point.

Who knew how awesome and beneficial the Adversary could be to every aspect of my being? I love life and the quality of my life, art and magick; have improved exponentially. I cannot recommend it for everyone. But I can say it is the most practical spiritual path that I have ever found. It is funny that my first contact with the Adversary was through a series of meditations that I was doing and I was using Egyptian symbols to represent different aspects of the psyche. I used Set to represent the part of the mind that successfully interacts with the world. The way of the world, as it were. Funny now considering that one of the epithet’s for the Adversary is “King of the World.” I am that strange paradox of dreamer and realist. I wake up every morning to manifest my dreams in this world. Since I have been studying the Adversarial Current of Magick and Luciferian Ideology, manifesting my desires has become second nature.

Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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