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Behold the hand, behold the nail

“I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more.
5 But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after your body has been killed,
has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him. – Luke 12:4-5

I know that this is not one of my usual type of articles and nor my favorite subject to be honest, but it is very important to the general public be it into the occult or not. YHVH or in other words ”behold the hand, behold the nail”,secret name of this entity, is the most malignant parasite type of entity that ever visited our planet and believe it or not it managed to occupy the entire human realm, overthrow its natural order and even corrupt its spiritual evolution and abilities. It is true that humans have lost their Golden Age gnosis millions of years ago, due to the crystallization of the World’s Ego and with it the development of corruption into all the complex life forms,including humans so, when YHVH come into the scene, humans were not at their best to have enough shields in order to defend. What this parasite brought new, in a deep negative way, is the imbalance on all the levels and the infection into the deep core of the spiritual society, forcing the individuals to act only on their irrational impulses and putting the spiritual into a trivial type of sphere. Nowadays society tends to focus only towards external material goals and even the modern occult world is filled with material determinism, centered around an individual or collective Ego far away from any sorts of evolution. Putting a blame on one side or another is not going to help any of us but on the contrary it would only feed the parasite with his/its favorite energetical nutrient-fear and death. In fact this is his/its biggest trick- to operate towards human antagonisms -resulting into wars, no matter that the object is religion or politics, so I am not going to take sides or defend one path over another but on the contrary I am promoting laissez fair and individuality.

The embodiment of any sort of ”Idea” is the art of all  higher spheres close to the human realm  that help us all to attain a state of evolution first spiritual then physical, thus the gnosis brings progress and not vice-versa. We all know the state of development that the ancient world had on all fields from math to physics and from arts to philosophy and we all know the strife for a certain type of gnosis from different types of pantheons even if, as I said before the human spirit has been already corrupted millions of years ago, still there existed a fermentation over evolution of the human race as a whole. In the moment when YHVH entered the scene there was no time for ”Ideas” taken down to our realm but on the contrary everything was ”evolving” only around the Ego of this parasite and everything that seemed to be against it, was soon annihilated or just burned to the ground. Thousands, maybe millions of years of human spiritual and material advancement have been wiped out in a blink of a second (just think on the Library of Alexandria for example…) and everything, absolutely everything stooped, making place to Fear and Death. This parasite with a brown, mud type of energy signature, hasn’t just stooped the clock for the planet but also transformed the human from a predominant symbiosis type of relationship of energetical negotiation with the fellow organisms, into a parasite predator of the entire planet, bringing it to its extinction. The mass extinctions of different organisms has brought him/it, again, Fear  and Death and I am afraid that it is already too late for us.

A very interesting aspect of YHVH is the power of shape-shifting and evolution, every time when humans have managed to lose the tie a bit-it is not only religion but about almost every aspect of the human life, everything is obstructed on a pyramidal level, him/it being at the top of the pyramid. Nowadays humans have no purpose,no will and moreover they lack the connections with anything that could be spiritual thus making them a mere carcass. Few are those that seek and really succeed to pass the traps that are on the way and fewer are those that are not living into the illusion of passing the tests and thus bowing to their own mere Ego.

Again,I’m telling you that I will not take sides and blame anyone but share with you a gorgeous vision of the Tree. Not the one that you know it but the one that is connected with millions of spheres from across the Universe. Yes finally I can say that…we are not alone.

(similar picture with a vision)

Article By Kirke

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