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Anticosmic Chaos

Chaos was, is, and will continue forevermore. Is everything and at the same time is nothing.
Unlike physical universe, causal, subject to the law of cause and effect (karma), Chaos is acausal and outside the law.
Chaos is not limited in terms of space, so that it is free form, as opposed to the Cosmos, which has three dimensions.
In chaos there is no time, because it’s one of the constraints cosmos.
Cosmos is surrounded by chaos, the latter becoming the Anti-cosmic, because it’s the antithesis of order and causal laws of cosmic existence.
So Chaos is the essence of everything that surrounds us, the world can not be perceived by the five senses, it being beyond the physical and finite structures, subject to causality.
Also Chaos is absolute freedom chains beyond physical existence and forms, order is stagnation.

Comparing the current society, but also to companies from ancient times, it’s observed that people were more driven by herd mentality than individual knowledge.
In fact, this is the company: a group of people to work as a unit, without any great difference between them.
Another example of constraints cosmos correspondence with terrestrial world is the religion.
No matter the age or religion itself.
The religion has always been an institution.
Regardless of location or time, people had to adopt the same belief system as the next to them.
There are also many occult and esoteric practices, which by its means man can show the true face of the universe, so the individual initiating the long journey Gnosis and Truth.
Therefore, chaos is seen both outside and inside.

Returning to the universal, cosmic chaos is seen in perspective, as a destructive force because it aims represented liberation from the fetters of matter. Our ego is formed by cosmic limitations of being blinded by them, while the Self is the essence behind all forms of limitation, the key to Chaos (Black Flame).

The digit 0 represents primordial chaos and the figure 1 represents the cosmos with all its about the constraint. Also, the numbers 1 to 10 are to right, coagulation, etc. restrictions. and represent different stages of event causality and cosmic creation. 11, which is the number of Anti-Cosmic Chaos, is beyond the 10 numbers, so beyond the laws and causal order. It is characterized by freedom, lack of law and form, is the one who break the closed circle of causality. May symbolize anti-cosmic evolution and self discovery acausal.

The dragon is an ancient symbol of Chaos, the primordial chaos (pre-space) (0) is the mother dragon Tiamat, while post-cosmic chaos (11) is the Hubs, Shadow of Tiamat.

Also the seal of Azerate has 11 corners and is a portal that opens the way to infinity, beyond limitations and cosmic laws. This is achieved by the domination of the ego itself, since the key to knowledge is inside, and with this we can destroy all illusions ephemeral existence of the cosmos.
(sigil of Azerate courtesy of the Temple Of The Black Light)

Article by Darkthrone85

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