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Alchemy of Consciousness and Timeless Messages

Practical magickal knowledge has been preserved throughout the ages, out in the open.  Vice is usually used as the vehicle that is utilized to preserve the knowledge. The knowledge hidden in Alchemical allegories utilized greed to keep it alive over the span of human history.  P.D. Ouspensky noticed that architecture was also used to transmit knowledge across the aeons. It is fully ironic that pre-Christian ideas were preserved in the architecture of the Catholic Cathedrals. According to several allegorical histories of the Tarot, ancient Priests gathered at the twilight of their culture and desiring to preserve their wisdom and teachings; chose to create the Tarot and preserve it in a card game.  Theosophy says they were Atlantean Priests, Rosicrucian stories say they were Egyptian Priests and Cabbalist say that they were Jewish. It does not matter the cultural identity of the priests.

What matters is the allegories exist because archetypal inspiration has been transmitted through allegories and architecture over time. Knowledge has been preserved through the dark ages of history in the past and has inspired us. It has taken root and blossomed through individuals in many unique manifestations. There is no cookie cutter Sorcerer or Philosopher. In the past Sorcerer’s and Scientist were called Philosopher’s.¬† When the knowledge manifests through a free thinking individual it flows freely in new and spectacular ways. When the knowledge is subverted to convert others to conformity of any kind; it is always a disaster. Which is inevitable, because of human herd nature and superstition. Even disaster is an opportunity for individual growth and development.

Nothing is true and everything is permitted.
This is meant to encourage free thinking and not to dumb people down. In Crowley’s Book of the Law, he says that the law is for the strong. Strength comes from within, it comes from self knowledge and self acceptance. Without that you do not have a starting point to study any thing outside of your self.

In Einstein’s general theory of relativity he says that the way time seems to flow is both ways, but, that our perceiving apparatus is insufficient to properly perceive it. The number one magickal tool in your tool box is your main perceptive apparatus. Before a magickal operation is ever performed there are magickal preparations aimed to train the operator to perceive the super-normal. We only use a small percent of our brain power.  Ritual predatory meditations and exorcises are designed to help you awaken your latent abilities; to expand your range of perception, to train your senses within and without.  Which includes, how to interpret emotional sensations into verbal communication. You are pure consciousness and what you think determines how that manifests. You are your only real magickal tool, which is why it is crucial to awaken your Daemon/ Kundalini/ Holy Guardian Angel. The magick wand is actually symbolic of the spinal pathway in kundalini yoga and in awakening your Daemon. The wand is also symbolic of the True Will of the Sorcerer. Studying and practicing magick transforms your consciousness. Really anything you do or do not do changes your consciousness.  Change is the only constant and the universe is always on the move.

Techniques have been developed to help us direct our own evolution. On the larger scale there is always a morphing evolution consciousness. Aeonix is the art of organizing directing the evolution. Sethian’s and antinomians‚Äô are the outriders of consciousness in that they separate their consciousness from the collective consciousness. This is also described in Alchemy as an essential part of the process and Khephera is the archetypal deific masks representing that phase of the transformation. Of course the name Alchemy in Coptic Egyptian roughly means: ‚Äúabout Khem.‚ÄĚ Khem was a place of learning in Egypt and Alexandria was an University Town.

Every magickal tool activates and awakens you. You are the power source and that these idea’s are not new at all. Ancient adepts preserved their knowledge and are whispering to you across the gulf of time through art, historical writings, architecture, objects and from the depths of your own subconscious responding to your study and practice. As a matter of fact you are the subject of all occult study and exploration.  Even so those who have made sure the knowledge survived the aeons of history, preserved the clues to your own self discovery. The idea that the ancestors transmitted knowledge to future generations is often misunderstood as ancestor worship. It is not worship, it is observation. There are many allegories for our becoming and specific steps in the process. Our ancestors speak to us many ways to help us unlock our true potential. Only you can know yourself and achieve your possibility.


Until next time… Blessed Awakening

Article by Firestorm Coraxo

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