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Aggiornamento 11/10/2012

Un saluto da Darkthrone85
In questo aggiornamento 4 nuove recensioni musicali, 6 nuovi articoli esoterici

Akaah :
Drowning the Light & Vampyric Blood – Drowning in the Vampyric Sacrament of the Immortals (Split, 2012)
Favna Abisal – Rerum Imaginaria (2012)

Blackraven :
Die Hard – Conjure the Legions (2012)
Freitod – Regenjahre (2012)

Firestorm Coraxo :
Phillip Cooper  РCandle Magic (2000)
Benefits of the Adversary
The Subconscious Moves in Mysterious Ways
Random L.H.P. Updates

Kirke :
Dangers of Vampirism
How to defend a  psychic attack

Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot!

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