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A walk on the other side(VIII)-The 8th Qlipha of Satariel

Other titles:
Magickal Appearance:
Situation in the Qlippoth:
Demon Name:Lucifuge Rofocale;Arachnidia Lilith(?)
Spiritual experience:
Plants: plants that grow in dark, cold, stone places (mountains)
Metal: lead
Animals:larvae,parasites etc

I skipped on the Abyss on purpose because as you already know I wrote an article about it and even if  I have no personal experience with this Qlipha I will try to write on it from a pure theoretical level so if you know more about it then you are absolutely free to feedback on it on site.

Binah is also called ”The Bitter Sea”, the element from which all life emerged in a ”no time” period and if the other spheres are clear on what kind of Goddesses, or energies rule them, this one, being outside the Abyss, is beyond human understanding so we can only grasp parts of its greatness. I personally do not think that the three supernals split into mirrors like the others but rather are the ”dark” , ”unknown” sides of the Tree. Here darkness gives birth to matter and matter to form in an endless dance of death, this being one of the reasons why the most of RHP followers still consider the female principle as evil, because through it the spirit is trapped in flesh. The spiritual experience of Binah is ”The vision of sorrow” where the Adept sees his existence and the life in itself as a joke played by an unknown god, death being the only release. In the same time the vice is ”avarice” ,the human being mesmerized by material fortune and money, many being trapped on that even after death, wandering the earth in a sad journey.

Article by Kirke

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