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A walk on the other side (X) – The 10th Qlipha of Thaumiel

Other titles:brothers Satan and Moloch,The Twins,Ouroboros,
Powers: 11-becoming a God,King of the World
Magickal Appearance:two demons looking opposite directions
Situation in the Qlippoth:-
Demon Name:
Spiritual experience:Adamas Ather, 11
Metal: –

We finally approached the most wanted Qlippoth and Sephira in the entire Occult world. I know there are thousands of writings on that from both LHP and RHP perspective but again I will try to write my own point of view here and if I offend some Grand Magus here that already attained Kether or¬† already passed 1-0-1 and is in the 1-1¬† ”parallel universe” manifesting himself as a God,I only ask them to excuse my insolent words.
Just like the former 2 Spheres/Qlipphas I do not believe that here is a duality either, in fact this sphere is so far away from us as we can only guess from our experience and imagination what could it be. The lower spheres are in a constant battle, change and communion so in most of the cases a duality would be understandable, but these 3 are the most ancient, dark and powerful spheres that I do not believe evolve or if they do then in a very slow way in the dominion of Father Time-Saturn. This is one of the reasons why I do not believe that we as humans could even touch this higher sphere and in no circumstances in material form. Who knows the astral world and the Abyss know that there are worlds where humanity is not ready yet to visit. I do believe we evolved (at least some of us) in the past 100 years and is true Christianity hold us for a huge period of time, but I think we also evolved in a short period. It is also true that our Ego as a race increased to a toddler level and we think everything is ours or is meant to serve us and if we won’t try to cope with all the entities from the material world and beyond and use the Art of Magick for evolution of both the race and individual and not for getting laid with your big boobs neighbor and in the same time fix what we did wrong to our vital space then maybe we have a chance to comprehend the higher spheres.

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