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A walk on the other side (V) – The 5th Qlipha of The Antichrist

Other titles:666,The Beast,The Antichrist,Azazel the Savior,Baphomet
Powers:Vision of the Abyss absorbing Light
Magickal Appearance:a black goat
Situation in the Qlippoth:in the middle of the Tree
Demon Name:Azazel
Spiritual experience:The Black Sun;black void that absorbs light
Colours: Raven black
Scents:Dragon’s blood
Stone: Black Diamond

I know that many will claim that I should call this Qlipha as it is known everywhere-”Thagirion”, but to me The Antichrist has a more complex meaning that could explain better this sphere even if it sounds a bit of a cliche.

To many occultists Tiphareth acts like a very complex trap, making them believe that they achieved their ultimate goal- that in case if they are not trapped into the dream world of Yesod.I said Tiphareth and not Tiphareth/Thagirion as a whole because the RHP and with it the society has a taste for the rigid structures,for the status quo that cannot be broken by the one that wants to climb its steps. This is the reason why we have here so many ”Messias” on all the areas of the society and all of them were following the steps of their organization- be it religious, military,political or any other sort. For example in order to be a president of¬† X country you must first subscribe to a party then candidate to the Senate, then become a Minister, then maybe your party will think you are eligible to be the President etc. After you become President you become like a Messiah to that country, its fate is in your hands, it is your duty to make a better life for the people(ok, don’t laugh, was just an example!!).Same goes with the occult organizations of the RHP and even many of the LHP(my opinion is that there are very few truly LHP), they do not see, and refuse to see the whole but just follow the structure, the standards that were set by THEIR Messiah. I’ve met many so called Initiates of some well known organizations or temples from both LHP and RHP that were in the same trap:if I discovered one tiny planet, doesn’t means I know the entire Universe-same goes with the astral world and the Abyss. In fact the more you discover, the more you realize you don’t know anything and the riddle goes bigger and bigger. This is the trap of Tiphareth- it is so bright and the feeling is so overwhelming as many think that they attained the ”saint”degree(again if they are really into Tiphareth).Another trap(or better is the same but on another level) goes down to the so called slaves of Tiphareth-that is to Malkuth. We all know that the main religions(and not only) support the slave status of their adherents and all of them lock their spirit(if they have one! but in general if the spirit is alive, it will manifest) to the Tiphareth Messiah- be it Jesus or Mohammed or any other type of Savior in a self sufficient state of mind.

Here is the first place where the Initiate can claim his own creation in order to go upper, and that is the true purpose of Tiphareth/Thagirion.If the other spheres were more of a destruction or blocking type, this one if dealed with properly, is the first true creative for the Spirit of the Initiate. The Sun is the symbol of the Self(for those passioned by psychoanalysis) that can be fulfilled only if it succumb into Death. This is why Jesus died first before was Risen and the majority of Christian saints died before they became saints(of course I want those to be understood as metaphors-the ”saints”that is).This is also the place where we find the Black Sun attached to Death-the mobile principle of the Spirit, the one that generates the Black Flame inside. Here we can find the Agartha legends, the mysterious world from inside¬† Earth, the land of ”advanced races” that has a central sun inside.

Article by Kirke

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