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A walk on the other side (IX)-The 9th Qlipha of Ghagiel

Other titles:Beelzebub,Baal Muian,Hades(?),
Magickal Appearance:
Situation in the Qlippoth:next to Sathariel
Demon Name:Beelzebub
Spiritual experience:Vision of pure darkness
Colors:raven black
Metal: –
Animals:abyss creatures, I would assume Titan like entities

Ghagiel stands right next to Kether/Thaumiel and represents the pure darkness in its male form. We must remember that the magickal experience of Chokmah is ”vision of God” and that cannot be attained in a flesh form, being alive, even if I could count at least 5 authors that claimed they attained not only Chokmah but also Kether. I could only guess with my own imagination and magickal experience what could be Ghagiel¬† and the ”vision of pure darkness”. It is said that the one that attained this stage is a true magickian, his will being enough to change the reality but again I’m paraphrasing one ”Great Magus” that I was talking to lately…Thinking about the experience that I have with the Abyss I would think that Ghagiel has Titan like entities, that humans can access very hard and on the other side they do not know what humanity is or where it resides, so is like an alien/alien encounter. We are talking about entities that have an immense dark power that we as humans we would never understand. If the first qliphas have human like deities, that could easily take human form and interfere in the human life, the more we go inside the Qlippoth, the more the deities estrange from humanity to the point where they do not even know what that is.

Article by Kirke

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