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A walk on the other side (III) – The 3rd Qlipha of Gharab

Sphere: Netzach
Shell: Gharab(Baal-Cain)
Other titles: Mighty Baal,Lord of Earth,Cloud Rider,Moloch
Powers: Illusion of ones Ego,Sacrifice
Magickal Appearance: Great king riding on clouds in his golden chariot
Situation in the Qlippoth: Next to Hod
Demon Name: Baal
Spiritual experience: lower union between raw Malkuth and the upper realms
Element: Fire
Colours: Purple
Plants: Blackwood,propeller plant,red cherry blossom,
Scents: Yuzu, tobacco,jatamansi,tonka,vetiver,ambrette
Animals: Bull, Minotaur

The Spehere of Netzach is one of the most important in our evolution as  Gods, here being settled our ”divinity spark” that could raise above. Many sages see this Sephira as a soft and peaceful one, being influenced by the New Age phenomenon of course. To those I would add only one quote from Samuel 1 15:29 :” Netzach is not a mortal (“not a man”) who fears death and is thereby likely “to regret” in the face of death.

Thus, the power of mesirut-nefesh, one’s readiness to sacrifice his life for God and the Torah, latent in every Jewish soul, finds its ultimate expression in the sephira of netzach.”( So we face here not just with ”beauty” as a cosmetic elegance as seen in the Venusian sphere and being mostly of an artificial matter but with the beauty of the inner spark that is”brilliant”,”brave” ,”intense”, so many terms that would rather suggest-strong.

If we look in the mirror we will see the Qlippha of Baal-Cain, Baal(Biblical Hebrew BA’ AL) being a term that suggests Lord, so the term would translate as  Lord Cain.

This is the first Qlippha where we see the child of the former ones -Cain being the offspring of Lilith and Adam. Again here are some sages that give Cain to Eve, but again my theory is completely different(see ”A walk on the other side I”) and the entire myth of Cain and Abel proves once again that only Lilith could be the mother of Cain(to that I would also add the Jewish tradition-halakha- a Jew by birth must be born to a Jewish mother -so Cain would not be called the son of the serpent IF Eve was the mother BUT only the son of the serpent if he was the son of Lilith).

The sacrifice has a deep significance for the evolution on the Tree and by it Cain, on the one hand, revenged his mother and on the other hand, killed the last seed of Eve remaining the only king of Earth. On the psychological level we cannot evolve if we don’t sacrifice the child of Eve, and that is the Ego. Blood has a deep significance in all the ancient cultures and particularly to the Jews. Thus in Leviticus we read: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have assigned it for you upon the altar to effect purgation for your lives; for it is the blood that effects purgation, because of the life …”. This was the first blood sacrifice against God and not for Him as is stated in many sources.; was rather a satanic sacrifice for it killed the last spark of God that could enslave and freed the future. Cain is the Initiate of Lilith and Demons,but not the first rebel cursed by God(Lilith was the first).With the sacrifice,Cain stepped on the path of individuality and godhood.
The symbol of the entire legend is a deep one and, in a nutshell, it says that Initiation means sacrifice of oneself, sometimes a painful one…Another deity associated with that Qlipha is the mighty Moloch, the child eater, the terrible god painted in children blood and mothers tears.”Rabbis claim that in the famous statue of Moloch, there were seven kinds of cabinets. The first was for flour, the second for turtle doves, the third for an ewe, the fourth for a ram, the fifth for a calf, the sixth for a beef, and the seventh for a child. It is because of this, Moloch is associated with Mithras and his seven mysterious gates with seven chambers. When a child was sacrificed to Moloch, a fire was lit inside the statue. The priests would then beat loudly on drums & other objects so that the cries would not be heard.” (Dictionnaire Infernal – Collin de Plancy (1863)
– paraphrased )

The chakra associated with this sphere is Manipura chakra, the seed of prana, the life force.

Article By Kirke

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