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A walk on the other side (II) – 9th Shell-Gamaliel

‚ÄúThey have for adversaries the Gamaliel or obscene, whose Queen is Lilith, the Demon of debaucheries.‚ÄĚ

Other titles: Lilith the Elder, Bride of Samael, Dragon Whore, Night Vampire, Succubi
Powers:Dark dreams
Magickal Appearance:Half Snake Woman,Black Spider
Situation in the Qlippoth:Above Malkuth
Demon Name:Gamaliel,Ogiel
Spiritual experience:Arch-Demoness Lilith in her many vampiric forms
Colors:orange red,dark coral,black with red stripes
Plants:carnivorous plants,
Scents:putrefaction,menstrual dirt,sexual fluids

The sphere of Gamaliel is the 9th Qlipha and stands right above Malkuth.Some sages pretend that there are not two Spheres but in fact only one,Malkuth being Yesod and vice versa but I cannot agree fully   to that simply because  evolution of the soul means also refinement on all levels, Malkuth being the raw meat, so to speak.

In the Kabalistic tradition GMLIAL are the demonic powers associated to Yesod, also called The Obscene Ones due to the fact that it corresponds to our sex desires and lust dreams. We shall not analyze it from the RHP point of view but try, as we did with the former, to unite both Yesod and Gamaliel into one and moreover meet again Lilith raised to the degree of Archdemon.

In Malkuth we live our life as vehicles but we wouldn’t be alive without the Soul from Yesod and in fact in order to evolve on the entire Tree one must first learn the Malkuth scene and this could not be possible without a strong root in Yesod.In other words we see here a 2—>1 type of evolution and not 1—>2 type. Even if these two are inseparable and to some would seem like a robotic mechanism,each individual has his own understanding of Malkuth context due to the evolution(or retardation) of the Soul from Yesod.

Here Lilith has a more refined status and she acts like an initiator to both men and women even if it’s different for both. From the male perspective she is the anima, the other half of the soul that guides the individual into the path of evolution while from the female point of view, Lilith must be integrated, the woman must be possessed by her(remember Babylon!).We’ve seen that Eve is a mere shadow of nothingness created by the male Ego and via her the female cannot evolve on the Tree of Life and this is the reason why she must become Lilith first. For both of them it is a very hard task to handle due to the censorship that Malkuth holds-the male won’t accept to have a sensitive side in himself and the female will be ashamed of her own sexuality. Here Lilith transforms herself into the succubi, the vampire that drain the life out of her victims. When one won’t accept her as a part of him/herself then nightmares and sex dreams appear-Yesod being also the sphere of dreams. Both Freud and Jung wrote about this kind of dreams and the symbols that appear are all Lilithian type-spiders, woman spiders, Gorgona Medusa etc.

Adam and Eve have sex only for reproduction, pleasure being almost of no interest for both of them. Lilith¬† sex it’s the initiation type where both pleasure and certain energies are involved for different goals-rituals,immortality etc. If Eve was the housewife, Lilith is the priestess, the courtesan , the one that helps human kind to achieve superiority. We all know that the ancient poets and philosophers were inspired by some hetaira. In fact we see the courtesans in all the great cultures from Greece to Rome and to India to China and all of them were cultivated and strong women- a strange fact is that¬† in some cultures, the ”normal”woman wasn’t allowed to study while the courtesan was almost forced to be more than a sage and also sometimes a priestess of Venus(or other love/lust deity).Again we are talking about courtesans and tantric type of rituals and not prostitutes that only sell the pleasures of grobian sex.

In Gamaliel Qlipha we talk about sexual rituals, also Tantric couples  and also astral travel and astral type of sex. The methods used are both OBE and LD and most of the times meditations on the second chakra, kundalini yoga and tantra yoga.

Article By Kirke

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