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A walk on the other side (I) – 10th Shell- Lilith

Shell: Lilith (480)
Other titles: Sacred Whore, Mother of Demons; Queen of the Night, Harlot, Scarlet Woman, Babalon, Evil, Woman, The Woman, Nehemah, Lillake, Dark Goddess, Mother of Abominations, Lamashtu
Magickal Appearance:Voluptuous naked woman (menstruating)
Situation in the Qliphoth: At the base of the shells
Demon Name:Lilith
Spiritual experience:Scarlet woman sitting on the Behemoth(the Beast) with seven heads.
Colours:scarlet,purple,deep red with black lines,lilac
Plants: mandragora (and any poisonous plant),lilac,red rose,lotus, valerian,
Animal:owl,snake, bat, cerberus, spider

The shell of Lilith stands at the base of the Qliphoth, mirroring the sphere of Malkuth and Shekinah. There are many voices that claim the fact that the Qliphoth would be an upside down Tree and so the base sphere would be on top and vice versa but I personally doubt that this has any logical and real truth. I believe that each sphere is reflected by a shell and would be a wrong thing to disrespect one or the other, but¬† a true Magickian should study and integrate them both equally. By nature Malkuth represents the physical world where our material bodies coexist with all of the others and in the same time it is the only realm where we do not necessary need to get out of the material, this being also the realm of the ”nepesh”.The main characteristic of both Malkuth/Lilith interaction is that the realm as a whole is coordinated by instincts and reflexes; it has no purpose of itself and life happens from second to second in an infinite manner, even if it is by nature static. Nature as we like to call it is a harsh and heartless ”creature” that is destroying her children as much as she creates them. It is beautiful because we like to feel safe and our society in a defensive psychological way tries to impose that on us; but it is nor beautiful nor ugly…it just IS. We have no choice but to interact with everything that she created, moreover we are free to change her products to our own purpose, things that remain material.
The demon that resides in this shell is Lilith, also called Mother of all Demons. The story of Lilith¬† includes the one of the first Human as a hermaphrodite being-the couple Adam/Lilith. In both the Rabbinical writings and some Greek legends we find the prime source of humanity being the Hermaphrodite-the Eden, perfection. Separation also meant the destruction of what is pure and in the same time another battle won by the Ego(in contradiction to the Self) and with it the fall. Eve is not a real creature like Adam (or Lilith) or like any other animal that lived in that heavenly state but she (or better IT) is the only one created from the flesh of another and NOT dust (so with no soul- not even ”nepesh”). The refuse to satisfy the other (real) half¬† inflamed Adam’s Ego to the point where he believed he can be his own creator and he can make a wife in his own image. As a response Lilith flew away to the dark side tormenting his nocturnal dreams, eating Eve’s children and mating with the demons, in psychological words-residing in the unconscious. The seduction of Eve with the golden apple by the Serpent/Lilith (because she has no longer human body in Adam’s world) is another form of the unconscious trying to attack the Ego. From my point of view the couple Adam/Eve could not have any kind of children, except if his children were those of Lilith that stole his seed when he was not aware (sleeping) and the only children that are real(having both ”nepesh” and ”ruach”), and belong to the original couple were…the demons(!).We see Adam’s Ego everywhere in this realm and with it the hypocrisy of condemning but using Lilith’s powers. Man lost most of his capacities when he condemned his mate-the woman- to a solitary existence. It is no longer one being but rather two separate creatures, one trying to tame the other. Woman in the same time refuses to see her own beauty and her own power just to not destroy the Ego state of her ”creator”.
Refusing to see the both sides of the realm, Malkuth/Lilith would generate a great imbalance into the evolution and I would dare to say stop the evolution to a shadow state where things seem to be but they are NOT.
Malkuth is the realm where we live our daily life and our entire existence takes place in good or bad. Here we prefer to live in a comfort zone our entire life, refusing to see beyond the wall and to experience the entire spectrum of colors, perfumes and emotions. Do not be afraid to say NO to what Adam created here and in the same time to destroy your own Ego. You see here things that are not and you collect things that will no longer be. Just step outside and you will meet a wonderful creature named Lilith. Both they will help you to climb the Tree. LIVE

Artcile By Kirke

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