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A Horse of a Different Color

Okay I am not calling them the dark horse because everyone involved in the left hand path relative to societal norms can be considered: “the dark horse.” Welcome to black magick high school where the cliques and sub-cliques never end and the ass kissery rotisserie for the popular icons never stops turning. But the fact is that it only looks like this from the outside because these are the vocal people on the fringes of the truth. Because the Left Hand Path is the hot new trend. Black Magick is the new Black. Am I trolling: no I am not.

Fact: you pray and pray all day to the invisible God in the sky and nothing happens. You dial up a Daemon and boda-boom-boda-bing, something happens. Something that in a vast sea of nothingness which is the empty mundane world, seems very intriguing. Even if it starts out a wonky weird affect, it is interesting.

At one time if you seriously wanted to study these subjects you would have to leave home and travel many miles. Fast forward to Llewellyn Publishing and in the front of their books they say that books now replace the gurus of old. Suddenly the internet happens and it exploded with forums and chat rooms and a way to really network and learn. Then one fateful day as an author promised that this would be his last book someone approached him with a new idea. A new paradigm was born and there has been much resistance since.

A lot of people are still invested in secret orders and in keeping secrets so that they could still “fleece the sheep” are still resisting the new way.

No more secrets, no more bullshit.

Funny thing about Daemons and bullshit: they don’t mix. Contrary to popular belief Daemons (which are vilified ancient gods) do not deceive. You are already living a lie. You see when you go to xian church and you have some secret or lies that you tell yourself, it stays hidden. You summon a Daemon and ask for anything at all they will open your eyes whatever it takes. Whatever precious illusions that you are holding onto will be destroyed, gently if you are willing to see it or more violently if you are dead set on maintaining your delusions. That is the only real danger Daemons pose to anyone. If you want to believe your precious lies that you tell yourself, do not call upon them. If you want to free yourself from what is oppressing your individuality, freedom and power then call upon them.

So what is this Horse of a Different Color: Become a Living God, of course. Most people agree that when E.A. Koetting was writing books, that he was legit. So why would he suddenly not be legit? Is it because he dares to teach in a new way and reveal secrets that his rivals want hidden. No that is not the craw in most peoples hats. People question the legitimacy of his business partner. When a relative unknown hooks his cart to a super author like EA everyone was suspicious. Who is this guy? Time reveals all truths and Become a Living God has survived the soft start of a service oriented business venture and they have been liberating people from the old paradigms by providing an alternative. Become a Living God has taken many risks, losing the author of one of its first publications and gaining many more innovative authors. They have expanded their goods and services. They are competing with every old Order and occult publisher and they are holding their own. Furthermore in spite of Timothy’s impulsive and eccentric persona that he presents to the public in general, he is rigorous in the application of his duties for Become a Living God. Which belays a quiet, powerful intellect behind the scenes. All aspects that he manages and directs have consistently improved over time. You have to remember EA has stated that he leaves the business end to Timothy so that EA himself can focus on his Magickal development. So essentially Timothy does everything else including the grunt work like managing the website, dealing with new submissions and managing publishing. It is a wonder Timothy has any free time to facebook.

But a labor of love is not work at all.

Also just a reminder, they produce a ton of free content besides Books, Consultations, Merchandise and Video Courses. If you are a serious student the free content is enough to get started. When you actually prepare yourself and perform an evocation it is all you. Because you applied yourself and learned how to do it. It is helpful to stack the deck in your favor to have a teacher who has been where you are.

Become a Living God is still working out some kinks and presenting a totally new paradigm for the Magickal Student. Furthermore the rise of this alternative has given rise to a new type of troll: the cyber wizard troll. But that is a tale for another day. And the funny thing any meme base fan can tell you: memes make you immortal on the web. Thousands of people who would have never heard of EA if it was not for those dear trolls. You might want to understand how memes really work before you use them to “discredit” someone. The joke is on the trolls. The memes actually helped Become a Living God. The more people that came to check it out the more people wanted to participate.

Become a Living God is now going farther and deeper with the Nine Gatekeepers. I can tell you my work with Belial was eye opening and my work with Lucifer Amaymon is the next step. As Become a Living God rises all of the old rigid towers are crumbling and crashing to the ground. Everything changes, change or be swept away by the current.

This is The Horse of a Different Color…

Think for Your Self or Someone Else Will…

Article by : Firestorm Coraxo

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