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2.The High Priestess-the Path between Yesod and Hod

Path:from Yesod and Hod(Moon-Mercury)
Color:Blue,silver,light blue
Other Titles: La Papesse, Papesse, Shekhinah, La Papessa, Holy Mother, Junon, Virgin Mary, Sister Manfreda, Frigg, Persephone, Inner Voice, Princess Hinoto…
Keywords: intuition, inner guide, prophetic dreams, secret wisdom, mystery, illusion, inspiration, inner child, passivity, feminine magick,
Position: in traditional deck between Kether and Tiphareth; Fr.Achad deck between Hod and Yesod.

Traditional image:

(2.The High Priestess-Witches Tarot)


The High Priestess is the symbol of female purity in it’s essence and in the same time a full Goddess. The card shows a young woman sitting on a throne at the gate of Mysteries between the two pillars. She has the crown on Isis(triple goddess) on her head and is surrounded by pomegranates (sacred fruits from Greek mythology) being a symbol of duty. She is wearing a blue robe-symbol of purity,water,feminine,intuition etc. At her feet is the Moon(could be Yesod) showing the dominion over lunar magick. She is usually holding¬† a TORA(anagram that we will meet later on in tarot) scroll¬† showing her path of mysticism. We can easily see that she opens the gate of initiation, being exactly in the place where illusions and the inner worlds meet(between Yesod/Moon and Hod/Mercury) and also she holds the key of understanding.

I shall talk more about it’s dark/sinister side when I will deal with the sinister/satanic Tarot but until then I do agree with Fr.Achad on it’s position on the Tree and those who know the correspondences will (probably) agree too.

Article by Kirke

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