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1.The Magickian – The Path from Malkuth to Hod

Path: between Malkuth and Hod
Element:Air(hot and wet) Earth(wet)
Colors :yellow,purple,grey,white,
Other Titles:Juggler,Le Bateleur,Magus,The Magus of Power,Il Bagatto,Artixano,Hermes,
ego,mental illness,trap,bad will,cunning thief,false words,false title, illusion.

Traditional Image:

(The Magician-Thoth Tarot)

A man (usually young) dressed in a fancy robe sitting next to an altar. Above his head is the infinite symbol and around his waist or in other parts of the picture sits the ouroborus. On the altar you can see the symbols of the four tarot suits-the 4 elements. One of his hands is raised up while the other shows the below kingdom. In Crowley version of the Tarot, the character’s body imitates the ”aleph” letter and is depicted as Hermes the messenger of Gods. The card is (usually) very bright showing a sunny summer day and the main character is surrounded with roses and lilies. The main colors are- yellow, red, blue, violet.


The Magickian is usually the path between Kether and Binah¬† having the correspondent planet as Mercury and ” beth” as Hebrew letter. In my opinion The Magickian sits between Malkuth and Hod and again I will explain why I consider this to be more true. Again you are free to contradict me and message the site, but only if you have a pertinent opinion(not just ”I don’t like you!” kind of stuff…).The colors of this card and the card itself gives the impression of fresh air and even in some decks¬† 1.The Magickian is flying with his ”winged sandals”, all of those being symbols of Hod/Mercury/Hermes. Also the 1.The Magickian has Mercury as planet and Air as element and also it’s main color is yellow (again a Mercurian color).The connection between Mercury and Malkuth via the Magickian path is easy to be seen. Hermes is the messenger of the Gods, the one that helped mortals and heroes and also tricked gods and mortals. He has a deep connection with the higher realms but also is willing to help the mortals in their tasks.

Article by Kirke

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